Please Take Part in an International Study to Find Vitiligo Genes


Do you have Vitiligo, or have you had it in the past? Or, does somebody in your family members have Vitiligo? If so, would you or they be willing to participate in a major research job on Vitiligo?

We have actually put together a worldwide team of scientists to discover the genes that create Vitiligo. Our goal is to find the root causes of Vitiligo, specifically in bros and/or sisters. But any person with Vitiligo may serve, so please give serious consideration to getting involved.

KEEP IN MIND: Even if we want you to participate, it might depend on 2 years before we contact you, as this will certainly be a very large research study and will certainly take a very long time to complete.

Click on this link to open the study FORM.

To conserve the study to your computer first, right click on the link above as well as select “CONSERVE AS.”

Please print the study form, fill it out immediately, as well as return it to:Richard A. Spritz, M.D.
Teacher and Supervisor
Human Being Medical Genes Program
College of Colorado Health Sciences Center
4200 E. Ninth Ave., B161
Denver, CO 80262 USA

We thanks for your assistance, as well as we anticipate learning through you.

Drs. Richard Spritz, Pamela Fain, as well as David Norris
University of Colorado, U.S.A.

  • Dr. Dorothy Bennett
  • St. George’s Health center Medical College, UK
  • Participate In Vitiligo Anxiety Research Study


Kindly address the complying with inquiries and return this type at your earliest convenience

1. Given that when do you have vitiligo?Month: Year:
2. What do you think caused your vitiligo?
3. Does a white spot ever develop from locations where you hurt on your own by injuring, crash or burn? (please circle) YesNo.
4. What percent of your skin has lost color as a consequence of vitiligo? %.
5. Is this percent currently boosting, lowering or is it stable?IncreasingDecreasingStable.
6. Are you currently receiving treatment for vitiligo?YesNo.
7. If indeed, what treatment?
8. If you are taking medicine for vitiligo, please describe:( name) To be ingestedapplied.
9. In your viewpoint, is the therapy effective?YesNo.
10. Are you currently receiving drug for other ailments?YesNo.
11. If yes, what drug?( name) To be ingestedapplied.
12. Do you have relative (not: marry-ins) with vitiligo?YesNo.
13. If yes, please describe family relationship:.
14. Do you struggle with any type of problem called an auto-immune problem (e.g. rheumatism, diabetic issues, hypothyroidism, MS) YesNo.
15. If indeed, which one?

Dr. Caroline I. LePoole at Loyola University Chicago has actually been examining tension triggers and also vitiligo advancement for several years.

Dr. LePoole as well as her researchers have actually found out numerous points and also their success has depended on vitiligo people. For every one of these studies, it is really vital that you have wanted to send out Dr. LePoole your tales on vitiligo. Which so any of you have been offering your help by contributing skin tissue and blood for us to examine.

If you live in, or in some cases take a trip to the Chicagoland location and you might agree to give away cells, Dr. LePoole would like to speak with you. Additionally, please fill out the Loyola set of questions (see over) as well as send it to Dr. LePoole as an email attachment, regardless of where you live. Her email address is [email protected] Thank you significantly for your ongoing assistance of our research!