Aaron B. Lerner, M.D. – Department of Dermatology

Yale University School of Medicine

HISTORY: It is a rare occasion that an individual with vitiligo inquires about the choice of depigmentation. The usual course of action I take when I see a person for the very first time that has extensive vitiligo– greater than 50 percent loss of pigment of the subjected areas consisting of the hands, arms, and also face– is repigmentation.

But if repigmentation techniques stop working, we need to consider depigmentation. Also after we have been unsuccessful in repigmenting their skin with PUVA and also topical steroids, clients are occasionally still hesitant to undertake depigmentation.

They want to be of one shade again, but they fear that they will be too light, that they will melt when they head out in the sun, which they will not have the ability to repigment if a treatment for vitiligo appears in the future.

  1. In addition, various other concerns such as acquiring the medicine, allergies because of the depigmenting lotion, pigment areas re-emerging on the face, comprehensive repigmentation and also hyperpigmentation occur in a couple of cases.
  2. Even with all these real difficulties, when one becomes one shade, that is absolutely white, the patient, the households, and also the doctor have a feeling of terrific achievement.

I have never ever had a patient who was miserable after being depigmented.

Some individuals state that they are now healed. More than 50 percent of the people that start depigmentation treatment are able to take place to total vitiligo– that is, complete depigmentation.

The secret to depigmentation is the topical application of a lotion consisting of monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone, an anti-oxidant, that has the common name monobenzone. One of the most extensively made use of industrial product is called Benoquin which contains 20 percent monobenzone.

Other compounds such as hydroquinone merely do not function. It is a shame that moneys from sector and also government have not been available to find other com-pounds and also various other methods to produce total vitiligo.

The significant source of Benoquin in the United States has been ICN Pharmaceuticals in Costa Mesa, The Golden State.

They a lways find some reason not to make it. I believe that there is not nearly enough money to be made from a cream that serves only a solitary purpose– to depigment completely only those people with substantial vitiligo who will certainly accept being entirely white. However, for those that require it, that lotion is vital.

Benoquin ought to never ever be utilized as a basic lightening agent for people with regular dark skin because most will certainly wind up with disfiguring white touches that can be even worse than vitiligo.

  • People with an unsteady pigmentary system, such as those with vitiligo, depigment quickly and also usually completely.
  • PROCEDURE:Due to the fact that full depigmentation will certainly take one to four years, there is no hurry in applying Benoquin throughout the body.

I always desire first to show to the patient that the procedure works. Pictures are taken of both arms, however Benoquin with 20 percent monobenzone is applied just to one arm for a couple of months. For the very first 3 to 4 days, the individual applies Benoquin to only a small patch to one arm as a test to figure out whether one is sensitive to the medicine.

A painful feeling may take place right away after the lotion is placed on the skin as a result of fine fragments in the prep work. It is difficult for the pharmacist to grind the crystals of monobenzone penalty enough. This stinging is because of physical inflammation– not an allergy– and should last only a few mins.

  • If one dislikes Benoquin, a rash will show up one to 2 days after the cream has been applied.
  • If there is no allergic reaction, the patient can apply the cream once or twice a day throughout of the demo duration.

Benoquin is normally not applied at going to bed due to the fact that the individual may inadvertently scrub the treated arm onto the face and obtain cream right into the eyes. Additionally, a spouse, if allergic to Benoquin, will certainly get a dermatitis. When the client returns in a couple of months, pictures are taken once more.

The treated arm should be dramatically lighter than the untreated arm. If it is not, the client must continue treating the arm for an additional one to 3 months. When it is noticeable that the dealt with arm has become noticeably lighter than the regulated one, the person uses the cream to the hands, arms, and also the face.

While all these areas are depigmenting, various other parts of the body where no lotion was applied normally lighten also. A lot of people have a remarkable reaction and are happy to once again be of one color. In public nobody comments or looks at them.

The hair may or may not come to be extra gray.

Eye shade will not transform. If the individual does not depigment with the 20 percent Benoquin preparation aration, we have a pharmacist comprise a 40 percent cream. A lot of pharmacists can not get the pure monobenzone chemical, and they do not have the centers to make a 40 percent item. At the end of this record I offer the names as well as addresses of four pharmacies in different parts of the country that can fill prescriptions for monobenzone lotion.