Dr. Le Poole obtained a Masters degree from the University of Utrecht and also safeguarded her Ph.D. thesis on “Facets of melanocytes in regard to vitiligo” for the College of Amsterdam in 1993, both in the Netherlands. She was the first lady to obtain a Ph.D. level from this Department of Dermatology in its 100+ years of presence.

Publications from her thesis focused both on immunological aspects of melanocytes and on chemical residential or commercial properties linking the participation of purifying enzymes in vitiligo.

In 1995, Caroline concerned the US to work in Dr. Raymond Boissy’s lab at the University of Cincinnati on intrinsic abnormalities of vitiligo pigment cells. She was supported by a stipend from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research Study (NWO).

In 1999, she transferred to Loyola University, Chicago, where she is presently an Affiliate Teacher of Pathology. Research study in her lab is concentrated on the crossroads of immune sensitivity to typical pigment cells in vitiligo and to growth cells in cancer malignancy, the “mirror image” of vitiligo.

Her study has actually been supported by the Dermatology Foundation, the National Institutes of Health as well as consistently by the National Vitiligo Foundation. None of this would be feasible without the continued support from vitiligo patients giving away time, tissue and dollars to help find a reason as well as a remedy.

Caroline can be spoken to at [email protected]