New Information for Pseudocatalase Patients!


Pseudocatalase prepared using the Norhtwestern Pharmacy formula is available from the following pharmacies. A physician’s prescription is still required:

Columbia Pharmacy in Chicago phone, fax. Address is 2929 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60616. They can ship to most States. The price is $50 for a 15oz pump jar and $35 for a 1.7oz tube. Shipping and handling usually runs $12-$16 depending on the distance from Chicago.

McDonald’s Pharmacy in Vancouver

You Can Help !!!

The National Vitiligo Foundation encourages each patient to write a letter to your State Pharmaceutical Board and your Local, State and Federal Representatives. Please explain in your letters how important pseudocatalase is in your treatment protocol. Also, encourage your physician to write a letter of support for the continuation of pseudocatalase.