Right here you will certainly find a collection of posts, pamphlets, and also various other details referring to vitiligo, its treatment, and the research study into its possible causes as well as remedies.

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  • Concerning Dr. Arthur M. Kahn
  • Method to Therapy of People with Vitiligo – Harvard University
  • Ask the Doctor – Q&A – with James J. Nordlund, M.D.
  • Depigmentation
  • For Junior High Pupils with Vitiligo
  • Guidelines for the Treatment of People with Vitiligo – University of Cincinnati
  • Guidelines for the Treatment of Vitiligo Patients With the Use of PUVA
  • Handbook for People with Vitiligo
  • Manual for Physicians
  • Manual for Schools
  • If Your Child Has Vitiligo
  • Procedures for PUVA Treatment for Vitiligo – Howard University
  • Pseudocatalase Update – Northwestern University
  • Vitiligo Essential
  • Vitiligo Reality Sheet
  • Vitiligo Therapy Treatments – Yale University

Dr. Nordlund’s Excellent Book on Vitiligo

Dr.James J. Nordlund is one of the world’s professionals on vitiligo as well as a frequent factor to the NVF web site and also newsletters. He and also Dr. Seung-Kyung Hann have edited this comprehensive text with payments by twenty-seven writers. Published in 2000. Visit Blackwell-Science for details on purchasing.

Dr. Montes’ Book on Vitiligo and also Nourishment

Dr. Leopoldo F. Montes, a longtime good friend of the NVF states, “this is not a book to be read swiftly by patients anticipating to obtain a lot of their pigment back quickly. If the treatment of vitiligo worked like that, skin doctor would certainly seem like wizards. This need to be pertained to more like a reference book to which doctors as well as patients can reach for information and assistance. It shows that typically it is possible to discover as well as correct a dietary problem, and thus discover means to assist reclaim the skin color and also stop the spread of vitiligo”. While positioning emphasis on the use of dietary compounds as well as vitamins, he seeks to assist others ease their suffering as he is making with his individuals.

Dr. Leopoldo F. Montes brand-new and updated shade version of his publication “Vitiligo-Nutritional Treatment” has actually just been released. If you desire to order guide, please send out a money order or financial institution cashier’s check addressed to Jan Petrik for $44 if the book is to be mailed within the united state or $50 to international nations to the following address: